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Sticky Teams


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The table of contents is below.

Introduction: Sticky Teams; What Makes Them Different?

1. The Unity Factor: The One Thing That Can’t Be Left to Chance

Part 1: Landmines and Roadblocks: The Traditions, Policies, and Structures That Unintentionally Sabotage Unity

2. Why Boards Go Bad: Structured for Conflict

3. Guarding the Gate: No Guts, No Unity

4. What Game Are We Playing? How Growth Changes Everything

5. Six Things Every Leadership Team Needs to Know: Axioms to Lead By

6. Clarifying the Pastor’s Role: Why Leadership Matters

7. Clarifying Board and Staff Roles: Why Teamwork Matters

8. Making Room at the Top: Why Young Eagles Don’t Stay

Part 2: Equipped for Ministry: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

9. Equipped to Lead: Lobbying Isn’t Training

10. Board Alignment: The Power of an Extra “Shepherds’ Meeting”

11. Staff Alignment: Plumb Lines and Assumptions

12. Congregational Alignment: Preempting Conflict

Part 3: Communication: Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

13. Change Diplomacy: Minimizing Conflict and Chaos

14. Setting Salaries: Investment or Expense?

15. Talking about Money: Assumptions, Facts, and a Savings Account